Personalised Keyring – 12 Symbols (Physical Product)


Personalised Keyring – 12 Symbols

This is a physical product.

12 personalised symbols attached to a keyring to support on-the-go communication. Choose up to 12 symbols to be attached to this keyring. Please input the symbols you require in the message box below.

Symbol ideas: toilet, nappy, snack, drink, crisps, biscuit, chocolate, apple, banana, swing, slide, park, home, iPad, TV, mum, dad, wash hands, shower, bath, face mask, shops, McDonalds.

If you would like further personalisation, please be specific, e.g.: ‘red apple’ / ‘green coat’ or if you / your child calls an item by a specific name, e.g.: TV – telly, please be specific. I can also offer specifics such as pets and people, for example: dog – Charlie please say ‘Symbol: brown dog, name: Charlie’. Please also be specific about the skin tone you would like – you can select from 6 or have multi-skin tone symbols. Some symbols (with more than 1 person) is automatically set as multi-skin tones.

Created using Communicate InPrint 3 under a licensing agreement with Widgit Software. Widgit Symbols © Widgit Software 2002 – 2021

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