Initial Sounds Sorting Task (bundle)


Initial Sounds Sorting Task Bundle

‘I can sort initial sounds’ has been updated and improved and is now available in a variety of differentiations: full colour, bordered colour and black bordered and coloured initial sound, for both the base board and the symbols. This means you can mix and match each task more than 6 ways. This download includes 7 PDF downloads of differing versions including:

  • Sorting Initial Sounds – s a t
  • Sorting Initial Sounds – p i n
  • Sorting Initial Sounds – m d g
  • Sorting Initial Sounds – o c k
  • Sorting Initial Sounds – e u r
  • Sorting Initial Sounds – h b f
  • Sorting Initial Sounds – l j v

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This is sole user download which means it is to only be used by the one person who purchases this resource. Please contact me for whole-school or multi-user access.


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