Festive Folder Tasks


Festive Folder Tasks (Matching ‘on top’ and ‘next to’)

‘Christmas’ and ‘Festive’ resources have been created separately – ‘Christmas’ resource packs focuses on the Nativity. ‘Festive’ focuses on generic Christmas festivities that children encounter throughout the season.

*Two PDF downloads – one 14 page and one 18 page PDF documents*

This resource is a multi-use resource…

  • Use the coloured bordered pages as a base boards / matching boards, and use the white bordered pages  as symbols to match. Use as a cut and stick activity or laminate as a reusable task.
  • Cut up the symbols and put in a sensory tray or a tuff tray to support communication and understanding.
  • Use as flash cards to play games such as snap or to support reading, labelling or recognition.

(Ideally use the squared matching ‘on top’ document for flash cards and sensory trays.)

Created using Widgit Symbols © Widgit Software 2002 – 2021

This is sole user download which means it is to only be used by the one person who purchases this resource. Please contact me for whole-school or multi-user access.


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