Admin and Templates

Here you can find a range of Admin resources and Templates I have created in my own time and using my own resources. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

Summer Planner 2020 (A3)

Here is a summer planner I have created! There are 3 different ones. I have a planner, (I don’t know about you), but for the summer holidays I just like to have all of my plans on one sheet of paper! This is a good way to check you’re not spending too much time in school or doing school work! Schedule in those self-care days!

If you want, you can print it out in A4 – Just change the settings to A4 on your printer and press the ‘Fit’ button and it should shrink the document to fit A4.

Teacher Toolbox Rainbow Template

Here is a template I have created to fit the VonHaus tool box to create your own teacher toolbox!

If you want, you can edit the font and the background – I have used a rainbow, but if you copy and paste an image and send it to the back of the text you can create any theme you like!

Learning to Read using Symbols

This is something I have used over the past five years or so.

I created this help sheet to explain how I use symbols and text to support reading.

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